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The three noteworthy lakes, Rajbaugh, Milak talao and Padam talao draw in an assortment of transitory fowls. The lakes are secured with pink lotuses on which the sambar deer frequently sustain. The green edges are frequented by chitals, wild pigs and different ungulates. The Marsh crocodiles luxuriate on the shores, the Tigers are regularly waiting to pounce at the peripheries. The recreation center is studded with little secured structures, antiquated summer royal residences and disintegrating monitor posts that bear quiet declaration of Rajput Kingdoms and fights long overlooked. Imposingly approaching over the National stop is the Ranthambhore Fort, in itself a noteworthy vacation spot. Alternate creatures which you are certain to experience are Leopard, sloth brew, Marsh Crocodile, sambar, Chital, Nilgai (blue bull), Wild pig, Chinkara, Jackals, Hyena, Peafowl, Tree Pies, Parakeets, Robins, Painted storks, Sandpipers, and Plovers. In all there are more than 300 types of winged creatures.

Ranthambhor National Park, before a princely game conserve is the scene where the celebrated Indian Tiger is best seen. Ranthambhor Tiger Reserve lies on the junction of Aravali and Vindhyas just 14 Kms from Sawai Madhopur in Eastern Rajasthan. It sprawls over a varying and undulating landscape. The scenery changes dramatically from gentle and steep slopes of the Vindhyas and sharp and conical hills of the Aravali. A tenth century fort also blends amicably with the background. Pure sands of Dhok (Anogeissus pendula) interspersed with grasslands at the plateaus, meadows in valleys and luxuriant foliage around the canals make the jungle. Three big lakes - Padam Talab (meaning Lake), Malik Talab and Raj Bagh - are similar turquoises studded in the vast forest that abounds with aquatic vegetation including duckweeds, lilies and lotus.

A significant geological feature within the park is the 'Great Boundary Fault' where the Vindhaya plateau meets the Aravali range. The Rivers Chambal in the South and the Banas in the North bound the National Park. The park is dotted with steep rocky hills and the dominating architecture of Ranthambhor Fort (built in the 10th century), adds to its landscape. The rugged park terrain alternates between dry deciduous forest, open grassy meadow, dotted by several lakes and rivers that are only made passable by rough roads built and maintained by the Forest Service.

The tiger is not the only attraction at Ranthambhor although it is the one park resident that people come to see. A variety of birds including Owlets, the ubiquitous Langur (monkey), Leopard, Caracal, Hyena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, marsh Crocodiles, Wild Boar, Bears and various species of Deer are the other attractions.

Ranthambhor is plagued by the typical problems encountered by all game reserves in India - people living in and around the parks and grazing by livestock! Between 1976-1979, 12 villages within Ranthambhor National Park were resettled outside the designated park area with only a few people now residing in scattered hamlets within the park. Of course poachers continue their activities with increasing demand from China for Tiger parts. There are no accurate figures on how many tigers and poachers kill other species, but on occasion evidence appears in the form of large numbers of skins and other body parts found on couriers. The park is well staffed and the folk who man the centres and the mandatory guides - one for every vehicle, are knowledgeable of the terrain and some even know the Latin names of most species.

The tiger is not the only attraction at Ranthambhor although it is the one park resident people come to see. We were lucky to see several varieties of birds including these owlets peering through their burrow pictured here on the right and of course the ubiquitous langur monkey. Other animals in the reserve include leopard, caracal, hyena, jackal, jungle cat, marsh crocodiles, wild boar, bears and various species of deer.The main food source for the tiger is the swamp deer like Barasinsga and on occasion the wild buffalo and also wild boar etc. If you wish to stay near the park, the facilities on offer are superb. The park gates open a half hour before sunrise and close half hour after sunset. The timings are vigorously imposed and no exceptions are made to this rule.

Area details Total area: 392.5 sq. kms.Ranthambore National Park (core) 274.50 sq. kms.Buffer area to Ranthambore National Park 118.00 sq. kms.


  • To book the safaris we need the full names of all guests who would be going for the safari along with an identification proof. The only identification proof that is accepted for foreigners is the passport number. For Indian nationals the identification proof that are accepted are any one of the following - Voters ID / Passport number / Driving license number / Pan card number / School ID / Government ID / Employers ID. A copy of the identity proof is required to be submitted before every safari, so please carry multiple photocopies of the identification proof.
  • The rates for Gypsys and Canters are on a per person basis.
  • At the time off booking of jeeps, the entire entry fees have to be paid to the forest department (a Government body). In case of cancellations, the forest department does not offer any refund.
  • For video cameras, one has to pay an entry fee of Rs 400 for every visit.
  • There are two safaris every day, the above rates are per safari.
  • For an exclusive Gypsy you have to book and pay for 6 seats.

The Park is open to tourists from the 1st of October to the 30th of June. Most of the tourists visit the Park between November and March, mainly because the summer's heat is unbearable.Book Your Safari In Ranthambore Call Us At 9950521870

TIMINGS SUMMER: April To June Morning: 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM Evening: 3:30PM to 6:30PM.

TIMINGS WINTER: OctoberTo March Morning: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM Evening: 3:00PM to 6:00PM.

Mode Of Transfer's

  • Gypsy [Open 4 Wheel Drive Jeep] 6 Seater
  • Diesel Canter [Open Safari Bus] 20 Seater
  • Petrol Canter [Open Safari Bus] 12-15 SeaterTARI

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